Your website should be an asset. It gives first impression as it is the first contact that people have with your school. It has a direct impact on the overall image and reputation of your school which can lead to increased admissions. Save Teachers' time on needless admin tasks, save money on printing, and sending physical letters to parents, make payments for fees convenient for parents.

Features: LIVE Chat. Timetable & Calendar. Blog Section. Online Admission Forms. News & Stories Flash/Highlights. Online School Prospectus. Photos & Portfolio. Discussion page for teachers, admin, students, and parents. School Social Media Accounts, Teachers' Web-pages and Contact Information etc.


Why should assessments be limited to the four-wall classrooms? Remember, the ability to retrieve information is a function of both learning and forgetting. We are out to maximize learning and minimize forgetting through our Open Self-Grading Assessment Solution.

Retreval = Learning - Forgetting

Varying Assessment methods are deployed on General Subjects such as English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Biology etc. to give Student-Subscribers opportunities for self-assessing themselves after study. Questions used can enable Schools to measure learning, evaluate instructional methods, and hold learners accountable for their efforts. Various modes of questioning deployed include Multiple-choice questions, True-false questions, Short-answer questions, Essay questions.


Help your school outshine others. Subscribe to Solution that provides outstanding opportunities to learn and improve all-round skills of your students. Personalize Learning & Support, centralize students' database, speed-up employees' training, maximize knowledge retention.

All-in-one Calendar. Course Creation & Easy Backup. Collaborative Tools & Activities. File Management & Multimedia Integration.. Multiple Progress Tracking Options. Customizable Site Design & Layout. Detailed Reporting and Logs. Embed External Resources. User Roles & Permissions. Multi-Lingual Capability. Notifications & Auto Alerts. Outcomes and Rubrics. Regular Security Updates. Secured Authentication & Mass Enrolment. Simple & Intuitive Text Editor. Supports open standards.